Democracy Deconstructed

Family FavoritesDemocracy Deconstructed is a special, four-part series that takes a closer look at how our democracy functions in New Hampshire and beyond.

Topics include civics education and how it is being taught in New Hampshire, teaching tolerance to children of all ages, participating locally in the democratic process and the role of media in keeping government accountable – all with a focus on educating our kids to be better and engaged citizens.

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Special Series: Democracy Deconstructed

No news is bad news

How the media plays a key role in maintaining democracy

Raising civic-minded and engaged youth

How local schools and families are raising children to be civic-minded and knowledgeable about the world around them

Welcome to the New Hampshire melting pot

How school districts are integrating new American students into the classroom and encouraging tolerance

Lessons in citizenship

Why civics education is important and a look at how civics is being taught in NH classrooms

What you need to know about voting in NH

Information on voting in the Granite State, including what kind of identification you need to bring with you to the polls
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How can children and teens engage in their community and government?

✭ Senate Page program (contact your state representative or state senator)

✭ Boys and Girls State ( or

✭ Model UN (

✭ Participate in student government

✭ Participate in school board

✭ Attend town meeting

✭ Create a presentation for local boards

✭ Write to lawmakers

✭ Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper

✭ Attend a rally

✭ Volunteer for a political campaign

✭ Volunteer in the community


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