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Child in trouble? Parents have options

First-time juvenile offenders — and those in danger of offending — have access to programs to help them stay out of court and stay clean

Find your way after high school

Knowing your options will help you get on the right career path

Is your teen ready for their first job?

What you need to know before your child joins the workforce

No butts about it, vaping is just as dangerous

Teens are getting their nicotine fix on the sly using portable electronic devices

Get ready for prom

What teens need to know for a great experience on this special night

Your daughter can be NH's 'Governor for a Day'

Why are teens eating laundry pods?

As kids are further isolated, internet challenges help them connect and feel like part of something larger

Dateless on Valentine's Day

If your teen is feeling left out, there are other ways to take part in the holiday

Push and pull

How to deal with your teen when times get tough

Searching for direction

Senior year presents unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges for teens

How to talk to your teen

Aim for a rolling conversation not just one awkward interaction

How to talk to your kids about tragedy and other tough stuff

A NH therapist provides guidance to parents on having difficult conversations

Is your child ready for a cell phone?

When your child should get a phone and how to set age-appropriate guidelines

Preparing your child for the first day of high school

As the amount of homework increases, so does responsibility and independence

Etiquette tips for tweens and teens

From elbows to electronics
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