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The heart—dental health relationship

Those with gum disease may be at risk for heart issues

Q&A: What you need to know about AFM

The mysterious disease, acute flaccid myelitis, has parents talking — should you be worried?

No butts about it, vaping is just as dangerous

Teens are getting their nicotine fix on the sly using portable electronic devices

Breathe New Hampshire Receives $25,000 CVS Health Community Grant

What is newborn screening?

Newborn screening is a public health program that is designed to identify babies with treatable medical conditions to prevent or lessen health problems

The March of Dimes works to improve the health of moms and babies

On a mission – one baby at a time

Helping your child grieve the loss of a loved one

A NH school counselor‘s book helps to make talking about death easier for kids and their parents

Why are teens eating laundry pods?

As kids are further isolated, internet challenges help them connect and feel like part of something larger

Doctor’s orders: treat yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in motherhood and forget to care for yourself. And for women experiencing this challenge, here's some advice.

Don’t waste time — tick prevention starts now so you can avoid illness

A little bit of preparation and a healthy dose of vigilance can keep the whole family healthy, happy and enjoying the outdoors, even during tick season.

How to talk to your child about death

It’s important to ‘normalize’ death as part of the life cycle

Reading, writing and jump rope

Physical education has developmental benefits for the brain

How to prepare your daughter for her period

What’s normal, your teen’s first gynecological visit, and more

Daddy and baby bonding time

How dads can successfully form a lifelong connection with their children

There’s not always smoke where there’s fire

You may not smell cigarette smoke on your child, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t addicted to nicotine
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