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The heart—dental health relationship

Those with gum disease may be at risk for heart issues

Take a bite out of dental injuries with a mouth guard

Mouth guards are a piece of equipment young athletes should be wearing

Early dental care: From brushing to fluoride

Finding your child a dentist by their first birthday and brushing teeth as soon as they erupt are important practice

CMC and MCHC team up to provide dental care to kids in need

The initiative addresses a “gap group” of children who are in the critical preschool years but do not have a dental provider or adequate insurance.

What you need to know about TMD

If you or a loved one is suffering from jaw pain, treatment is available

Take care of your teeth, take care of yourself

Poor oral care can lead to serious issues with your overall health

Finding a dental home by age 1

By establishing a dental home early, you can help set your child up for success and enable your child to begin a lifelong journey of preventative dental care to minimize tooth decay and cavities.

Q&A: What you need to know about wisdom teeth

Expert Dr. Daniel De Tolla shares his advice

What you need to know about dental specialties

While regular checkups with your family dentist help maintain and improve oral health, you or your child may sometimes need to see a specialist

How to curb your children from grinding their teeth

Relieving stress and using a night guard can help you, or your child, stop gnashing your teeth

Good oral hygiene starts at a young age

Dentists talk about what you can do to ensure your child has a great smile

What you need to know about dental health care for your pet

Your child’s first dental exam

Easing dental anxiety in kids (and parents!)

Strategies to make the next visit to the dentist a pleasant one

It’s never too early to begin good dental habits

Good oral care starts in infancy
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