8 not-to-miss ice cream dishes (and where to find them locally!)

Beat the heat with one of these delicious ice cream desserts

A flight of ice cream from Jordan's Ice Creamery in Belmont and Laconia.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…ice cream parfaits and piled-high sundaes. Yes, the humid days of summer are [almost] officially here, and the only way to cool down is with an indulgent dose of ice cream. Thankfully, dairy lovers are not limited to the same old cones and scoops anymore. Read on to see what unique seasonal offerings you can beat the heat with this season.

The dish: Brain Freezer
Where to get it: Moo’s Place Homemade Ice Cream

27 Crystal Ave., Derry

Why it’s worth trying: It’s a tough decision on every hot day – slushie or ice cream? Fortunately, Moo’s Place’s Brain Freezers make the decision easy by combining them both. The Brain Freezers mix any current flavor of Super Slushes (like Panther Pink Watermelon, Performance Red Cherry, or Split Second Banana) with any available flavor of soft serve ice cream (such as pina colada, black raspberry, or blueberry). The refreshing possibilities are endless.

The dish: Bish-burgers
Where to get it: Bishop’s Homemade

183 Cottage St., Littleton

Why it’s worth trying: Bish-burgers are Bishop’s version of an ice cream sandwich. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies sandwich your choice of homemade ice cream flavor. While Bishop’s flavors rotate regularly, expect options such as butter pecan, banana cream pie, and “Bishop’s Bash,” which is dark chocolate ice cream made with chocolate chips, nuts, and brownie chunks.

The dish: Polar Joe
Where to get it: Lago’s Homemade Ice Cream

71 Lafayette Road, Rye

Why it’s worth trying:  If you’re looking to combine your morning cup of joe with an indulgent homemade ice cream, Lago’s is your place. Their Polar Joes blend your choice of ice cream – such as coffee Oreo, mocha chip or French vanilla – with cold coffee. Topped off with whipped cream, this decadent drink also provides a necessary caffeine boost when your energy starts to wane.

The dish: Cider Donut Sundae
Where to get it: Memories Ice Cream

95 Exeter Road, Kingston

Why it’s worth trying: You no longer have to wait until the fall to enjoy a delicious cider donut – and in the summer, you have the added bonus of enjoying said donut with ice cream. “We’d have to say the most unique dish would be our Cider Donut Sundae,” said Dawn Padfield, co-owner. This sundae consists of two or three scoops of creamy homemade vanilla (or diner’s choice) ice cream, topped with cider donuts, caramel, whipped cream, and a dusting of cinnamon-sugar.

The dish: Ice Cream Flight
Jordan’s Ice Creamery

894 Laconia Road, Belmont; 593 Endicott Street, N. Laconia

Why it’s worth trying: When an ice cream stand boasts over two decades of business, you know their product has got to be good. And with rotating unique flavors such as Salted Caramel Kettle Corn, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Sweet Cream and Brownie, to name a few, a flight is the best way to try a variety of goodies. Flights let you try four scoops of flavors, served on a wooden paddle – and patrons get to keep the paddle after the ice cream is gone. (Side note: If you’d rather commit to one flavor, Jordan’s occasionally has donut cones available. Yes – donut cones.)

The dish: Nor’easters
Where to get it: The Big 1 Ice Cream Stand

185 Concord St., Nashua

Why it’s worth trying:
We all want to forget about Nor’easters during the blissful days of summer, but The Big 1’s version may be the mind-changer we need.  Instead of a disruptive snowstorm, The Big 1 blends vanilla, chocolate, or twist soft serve with your favorite toppings — including everything from strawberries to blueberry pie to chocolate pretzels to cookie dough, and (basically) everything in-between.

The dish: Make-Your-Own Sundae Bar
Where to get it: Beech Hill Farm & Ice Cream Barn

107 Beech Hill Road, Hopkinton

Why it’s worth trying:  At Beech Hill Farm, diners get their ice cream fix done their way at the make-your-own sundae bar. Choose from 75 flavors of Blake’s Creamery and Gifford’s ice cream, and pile the bowl high with as many or as few of the 20 different toppings as you like to create a sundae or a banana split. No matter what flavor or toppings you choose, this is most certainly a creative way to cool down.

The dish: Chocolate Peanut Parfait
Where to get it: Golick’s Dairy Bar

683 Calef Highway (Route 125), Barrington; 17 Sawyer Ave., Rochester
664-9633; 330-3244

Why it’s worth trying: Is there any flavor combination better than that of chocolate and peanuts? The only way to make it better is by adding ice cream – in this case, soft serve (non-dairy soft serve is also available at Golick’s). “It has layers of hot fudge and peanuts and is topped with whipped cream and [more] peanuts,” said Alan Golick, owner and manager. Diners get to choose a flavor of soft serve, and with up to 50 different flavors to choose from, the hardest part will be making a final decision.


Michelle Lahey is a food writer who was born and raised in New Hampshire. She also blogs about food at www.ahoppymedium.blogspot.com.

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