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More >> News and advice about teens

Dateless on Valentine's Day

If your teen is feeling left out, there are other ways to take part in the holiday

Push and pull

How to deal with your teen when times get tough

Searching for direction

Senior year presents unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges for teens

How to talk to your teen

Aim for a rolling conversation not just one awkward interaction

How to talk to your kids about tragedy and other tough stuff

A NH therapist provides guidance to parents on having difficult conversations
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More >> College tuition and financial aid

Creative ways to reduce college costs

Yes, you can make college more affordable

Financial aid Q&A

Local scholarship opportunities

Scholarships for NH students
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More >> Finding the Right Fit

I’m not ready for college —what do I do?

Whether you are hesitant or don’t want to pursue post-secondary education, you have options

Tips for commuter students

How you can get involved at your college or university

Career planning for high school students

Choosing your path starts with learning about yourself and figuring out what you love to do
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More >> Planning for College

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More >> Column: Raising Teens & Tweens

Expectations vs. reality

Sometimes we have to go in a different direction on the parenting roadmap

ADHD: Not just for young kids

Children are more often being diagnosed in their tweens and teens

Is your child anxious? Depressed?

Finding support for you and your child is key to figuring out what to do next

New Hampshire Next

New Hampshire Next is an annual print publication produced each fall by Parenting NH that focuses on life after high school.

In this year's edition you will find articles on the job outlook in NH, paying for college, workforce training and more.

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More >> Career outlook

Local colleges and employers are partnering for success

Community colleges are working with NH employers to develop skill-specific programs

Jump at the job opportunities

Experts weigh in on the industries that will be looking for workers in New Hampshire

Vocational education has come a long way since you were in school

CTE prepares students for a high-wage, high-skilled job after high school
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More >> Post High School Advice

Tips for commuter students

How you can get involved at your college or university

How to build your resume while still in high school

Experiences outside the classroom can help you get into college or get a job

Should I take a gap year?

If you aren’t quite ready for college, make the most of your time before you go
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