Putting the spotlight on the Granite State’s top teachers

I had a number of teachers in elementary, junior high and high school, who were creative and caring, innovative and inspiring.

But it was the teacher I had for first and second grade that made the largest impression.

Eleanor Poulin is one of the nicest people I can ever remember meeting. And even in a class of about 25 kids, she found the time to give me individualized attention.

I learned how to read early and entered first grade already a voracious reader. Instead of making me stay with my reading group, she set me up on an individualized reading comprehension skills tool (does anyone remember SRA Cards?) and encouraged me to learn as much and as fast as I wanted to. She was able to figure out that I was a kid who needed a challenge and who worked best at my own pace. I thrived in her classroom. Most importantly, she made me feel special.

In honor of great teachers like Eleanor Poulin, Parenting New Hampshire is launching a recognition program – New Hampshire’s Top Teachers. Through the month of October we will be accepting nominations via an online form on our website and feature several teachers, from preschool through high school, in our special December issue. One will be selected by Parenting NH to appear on that month’s cover.

We want to hear from parents about the teacher that brings out the best in your child and from teachers who have colleagues that have helped to make them better teachers. Tell us about the teachers throughout the state who are making an impact in their classrooms and districts and creatively engage their students.

December is the month of giving, so there is no better time to show appreciation to the teachers that give so much to us and our kids every day. Nominations will be accepted October 1-31, 2017.

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