It’s Girl Scout Cookie time

Girl Scout troops are kicking off cookie season on Jan. 1, with booth sales starting Feb. 15.

This year, Girl Scout Cookies will sell at $5 a package and as always 100 percent of the net revenue from Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains cookie sales stay local. The program applies cookie earnings to power amazing experiences for girls through local programming, while girls and their troops decide how to invest in impactful community projects, personal enrichment opportunities, and more.

Girls will also sell cookies through the Digital Cookie® platform, an innovative and educational web-based addition to the cookie program that helps girls run and manage their Girl Scout Cookie businesses online. The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches essential entrepreneurial skills and powers amazing experiences for girls as the largest girl-led business in the world.

GSGWM will kick off this year’s cookie season with a Girls Scouts Friends and Family event at the SNHU Arena in Manchester on Saturday, Jan. 13, with the Manchester Monarchs. For more information on this event or the cookie sale, go to or call 1-888-474-9686.

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