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More >> Behavior & Learning

For children with complex communication needs, being heard is important – and possible

Bring order to the chaos

How to set up your child with ADD/ADHD for success this school year

Contemplative education emphasizes mindfulness and focus

Mental overload can wreak havoc on the developing mind

Building the foundation for empathy with your child

Parents can start teaching their children to be empathetic as early as infanthood
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More >> Planning for Baby

Gender reveals are getting bigger, more creative and trendier

Boy or girl?

Identifying different types of pregnancy complications

Maintaining a healthy weight and routine visits to your OB are a must

What to expect when you are expecting baby No. 2

Old pro or not, new babies always bring new surprises
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More >> Mind, Body & Exercise

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More >> Dental & Oral Health

CMC and MCHC team up to provide dental care to kids in need

The initiative addresses a “gap group” of children who are in the critical preschool years but do not have a dental provider or adequate insurance.

What you need to know about TMD

If you or a loved one is suffering from jaw pain, treatment is available
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More >> Autism

Exploring the causes of autism spectrum disorders

Research is showing autism may be rooted in genetics

Does my child have autism spectrum disorder?

How doctors assess children for autism and signs parents should look for
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