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Looking for a summer camp? Go to a camp fair

T.I.P.S.S. on how to choose the right program for your child

6 reasons why you can put your trust in your child’s camp counselors

You can feel confident that the young adults who will take care of your child at camp this summer can handle the responsibility with which you are entrusting them

Why you should consider a local parks and rec summer camp

Research and think local

How summer camp ties into 21st Century skills

A study shows that the camp experience can help a child be successful in life and work

Experience summer camp together as a family

Instead of dropping your children off at camp, stay and have some fun with them

Summer school or summer camp?

School builds academic skills, but camp builds confidence

Going to summer camp is great – camping in NH is an amazing experience

New Hampshire is the birthplace of American camping.

Adaptive recreation programs and summer camps

Information and advice for parents of children with different abilities

The benefits of summer camp

Summer camp is among the most rewarding experiences parents can give to their children

The big 'secret' of summer camp

What to send your kids while they're at camp

Kids love receiving mail and packages while away at camp so here's what to send them

Packing for camp 101: what you should bring

(and what you should leave behind at home)

Invest in your kids by sending them to camp

One of the most important, and largest, investments we make in life, and in our future, is in the raising of our children.

Is my child ready for residential camp?

To determine if your child is ready to attend a residential camp, ask these questions

10 things to consider when choosing a camp

What else should we consider when we are selecting an overnight experience for our children?
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