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Attention issues vs. anxiety and depression

An inability to focus is not necessarily ADD/ADHD

Is it a bad mood or something else?

What to do if your teen girl is depressed or anxious

Let’s talk about sex

Tips on how to talk to your child about sex, intimacy and relationships

Heroin? Not my kid

The opioid epidemic and its link to prescription pain medication

Why teens get derailed by drugs and alcohol

And what parents can do to keep their kids on track

Be sure to check in more than you check out

Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with your tweens and teens

Communication: It’s all in how we speak and hear

How to better communicate with teen and tweens

Parenting beyond the elementary school years

PNH’s new column focuses on the challenges of raising tweens and teens

The art of being bored

Allowing our children to have downtime is vital to their development

One size does not fit all

Raising a socially engaged kid when you’re an introverted parent

Destructive discourse

We need to keep our children in mind when discussing politics

Role modeling during difficult times

How to teach our children to be kind and compassionate

Reframing our view of emotional health

It is OK to ask for help, and to help others in need

Beyond white lies and tall tales

When parents should be concerned about their child’s lying behavior

Divorce and the art of compartmentalization

Children of divorce need to deal with their emotions, not push them down
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