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Name the cow contest

Help us name our beloved bovine and a lucky reader will be featured on the cover of our November issue!

The contenders:

  • Fred (name submitted by Oliver of Raymond)
  • Madam Moovelous (name submitted by Emily of Nashua)
  • Udderly Isaac (name submitted by Isaac of Bedford)
  • Carli (name submitted by Charlotte of Londonderry)
  • Rocco (name submitted by Angelina of New Boston)
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What's happening

Chris Waddel is reaching new heights

Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro is an extraordinary feat. Doing it without the use of legs is unheard of.

How to talk to your kids about tragedy and other tough stuff

A NH therapist provides guidance to parents on having difficult conversations

What you need to know when your send your child with food allergies to school

With an onslaught of dangerous food allergies in the last few years, the cafeteria has become a much different place.

Is your child ready for a cell phone?

When your child should get a phone and how to set age-appropriate guidelines
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Connecting through the notes

The tour bus left without me, but playing music with my kid is so much better

Equality for all

Even though we have reached the milestone of a woman being a major party's nominee for president and have come a long way since the early 20th century, women still face an uphill battle.

Start the school year off right

Time-management and organization strategies set the stage for a student’s success

Destructive discourse

We need to keep our children in mind when discussing politics

Teens learn by watching us

Children acquire safe driving habits from their first driving instructor — you
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